In the cave of gestation

SPA Gmachl, Bergheim. October 2012.

I'm sitting in the “Ruhe Raum”, within a massive circle cave-chair, facing two huge arched floor to ceiling windows in the corner...overlooking the Alps a mere handspan away...and we’ve had SNOW overnight!!! I am in a postcard. My life, this moment, is a postcard. Water trickls in the background from the indoor pool - all pearlescent tiles with aqua and deep blue lights with starry LEDS overhead. The water temperature; 30 deg. The outdoor pool...meters away...steams to 8 feet high at 32 deg. I pinch myself. Yep-ouch; I'm really here. My first day brilliant sunshine, the second all mist and light rain; today snow and sun zusammen. Sunlight on the snow  in the cracks where the day before was bare rock. I can see the firs all icing-coated on the low and middle slopes, clouds waft half way up, and birds fly between heaven and earth. Time to take a dip...

“Ohhhh, you are joking”, I say it again and again, grin all over my face. I swim in the outdoor pool, out through the little covered canal that takes me from the Spa proper to the expanse of steam, water...and Alps: directly in front of me. I laugh out loud at the sheer ridiculous splendour. A handsome cat-man comes running up, dives in, and emerges beside me laughing. Nope, still not dreaming. “Hallo” he says, huge grin on his face, then swims off, through the canal into the Spa.

Despite the Spa being 'full', I seem to be alone, bar the staff and the handsome cat-man. Oh, and a curled-up woman the salt grotto. I don’t see her at first in the quarter-light; she’s tightly woven herself into the watery corner. I wonder if she’s somehow grown there overnight; an embryo. Ah; she emerges. And leaves. Alone again. Magnificent solitude in the swirling salt genesis. Every time I immerse in here it is another epiphany.


Awarenesses arise. Processes float to the surface, not always comfortable. I watch them, don’t grapple. Let the waters rinse me clean; through my body tissues, through my history. Sounds emerge from my mouth, my whole being. I Sound like a whale. Release. Let go. Rinse. Forgiveness. Carry-on baggage finally put down. This is what I came here for.

I wander the corridors in my cream uber thick dressing gown. Ever on my way to the Spaaaa. The water. Waters. I could be in a mental asylum.
Perhaps I am.

The Salt Grotto

Before I am;



        In Time......

             there is no Time. 

Drift. Turning. Tilt, axis-swivel,

   and yield-push-reach-pull recover. 



   Along the water songlines of my body, streaming tissue-through;


Primal. Song. 

Sung into existence. Gestation.

           Bubble-up. Arise, disperse.

Emergent, bubbles, Sound.


      My history.









Under snow shriven Alps; This Womb.




Blow. Blaow. Blaooooooh. B-b-bl-blo-bloooooh. 

Ohhhhh....   !