About Transformation

spiritual transformation

Remember when you were very small? And your joy knew no bounds. You were luminous, light incarnate. And innocent. Utterly creative. Wonder-filled; awe and curiosity your every breath. And you knew that you knew that you knew. There was no 'because'. You were 'cause'.

You are cause. Right on your own leading edge of experience and of creation. Your experience and your creation.

Your choice.

What are you choosing?

What do you want?

The bottom line. The resonant thing that's at the heart, in your heart.

You know what it is.

Handle it, and you get to handle what you're doing here, in this lifetime.


Transformation. The intrinsic change that happens when you identify, focus on and travel towards, what you really want. Everything changes. The positive stretch. Yes, that one!

So what is Transformation?

A few riffs;

the joy that you really want!
a Spiritual service
positive, unreferenced, deeply intrinsic change
an experience
active and alive and engaged
uplifting, a state of Grace
your power, your sovereignty
elegant, clean, simple



Here's what it isn't; (laying it on the table so you aren't disappointed)
the groovy catch word flying around everywhere 'transformationnn',
what you think it is, with your head,
controllable (thank goodness!! or you'd never get what you really want),
healing, (which deals with what you don't want, or what isn't working for you),

Still curious? please walk this way... >

A small note

I originally participated in my Transformation training with Adam Davis, founder and Spiritual Director of the All One Foundation, in 1992, and its next genesis in 2007. It is a way of life, a chosen path for me. And it never ceases...

Join me.