About Narelle Carter-Quinlan BAppSc

 image credit GE Mckerrihan

image credit GE Mckerrihan

Once upon a time there was a little girl who daily walked the sandstone cliffs of a Sydney beach, knowing Home. Sky, salt, rock. Immersing in water. Knowing that she knew, that she knew, that she knew.

Embodied, you are. Your very presence sings through your skin, fluid-tissues and bones. Through your spine. Through your consciousness.Yet you forget. Sometimes your back hurts. Sometimes it's something else; another place in the country of your body. Sometimes it's your Spirit. Hello, beloved. Welcome Home. I help you inhabit your body. I make pictures of the living land, and, together, I  help you re-trace the paths to the places where you too, Know. The place where your body moves with fluidity, ease and grace.  A spine of strength, fluency. Poise. The place where you remember yourself, your body and psyche, as part of the greater ecology. Whole.

I inhabit a significant scoliosis. I'm a global exponent on both the practice of yoga with scoliosis, together with the landform and climate of this terrain; that is, its anatomy and its impact on the body. I'm an anatomist by academic, experiential, and yes, cadaveric training. 

I've shared my practice in Workshops and lectures at the Yoga Union Center for Scoliosis and Backcare in New York City, assisted and taught within Elise Miller's renowned Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Training in San Francisco. I've shared my work in Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and of course in my own land, Australia.

I've enjoyed presenting the scholarly and movement aspects of my research at peer reviewed international Conferences, including the World Congress for Low Back and Pelvic Pain, the World Dance Alliance Global Summit, the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Conference, The Australian Osteopathic Convention, and twice at the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference.





As a child, I loved art. Paintings, music, and of course dance.  Reading - Stories. Language. Your anatomy is one such story. It is so very beautiful. Unfurling rainforest of lung, the canyons and ridges of bony escarpments, soft slippery sea creatures of organs, waterways coursing through your interior wilderness. The child in me still loves to create, to tell stories. It is deeply healing, this experience of your body as part of the ecology of wholeness. Your body as felt, known, poetic place. It changes the way you find comfort and ease. It changes your relationship. With Everything.

 image credit mark quinlan. edit narelle CQ

image credit mark quinlan. edit narelle CQ

My formal rigorous training and apprenticeship in the Iyengar method of yoga unravels close to two decades; my yoga and movement practice spans five. I've been an elite level Ballroom Dancer as a teen; more latterly an Independent Dance Artist as choreographer, artistic director, performer. 

My work is a benediction of communion; our inner and outer terrain. 

 performing at brisbane powerhouse august 2018

performing at brisbane powerhouse august 2018

a bit of Her-story
for the curious amoung you, who have asked!

The exquisite beauty of the body led me to earn my degree in Biomedical Science, majoring in Cellular Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry, the latter awarding  me my University (UTS) Medal. Tissue blueprint and intricate physiologic functioning.

I've worked in Pathology Labs in Sydney Public Hospitals, privileged to support people leading up to cardiac surgery, and with Haematological cancers. I've also managed a Private Pathology Lab Haematology and Blood Banking departments.

Decades after that, curiosity about the spine got the better of me; and my years of post graduate research (QUT) lay in lumbopelvic stabilization (lots of functional anatomy of the lumbar spine and pelvis, the fossil-like sacrum in particular), and the neurophysiology of postural control.

The felt experience of the body of the land, and love of art, led to my first Business, Turquoise Starfish, designing and creating gemstone jewellery, whilst I lived in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney for a decade when my children were small. Playing with the Body of God.

Music, and its way of driving movement in our bodies led to about 15 years studying Egyptian Dance, creating my own contemporary innovations, a tiny short lived dance company, and loads of researching, choreographing, directing & performing.

Always the Teacher, I've taught Anatomy, Histology and Physiology to pre Med students at Queensland University of Technology over seven years. 

I Founded and Directed my own Yoga studio, Yoga.BodyTorque. Then released it into the flow, choosing to travel on...

Now I make Images, write Words. 

Most of all, I've followed my heart and Spirit.
And, I look forward to meeting you

 swinging at swell sculpture by the sea - 'war of the worlds' sculpture by jo elliot, SEPT 2018.

swinging at swell sculpture by the sea - 'war of the worlds' sculpture by jo elliot, SEPT 2018.